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About vca


Founded in 2008 by Elaine Everett and Michele Wilson, vca is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with communication problems. Communication difficulties are common place in many walks of life.

Our researched and tested Visual Aid Books, Signage & Communication Boards have been designed to help alleviate these problems. We have created a series of illustrated drawings to convey everyday situations.

The use of imagery is highly beneficial for people who have dementia, are visually impaired or who have had a stroke. Pictures are also an effective communication tool for people who have learning difficulties.

Using vca books, Signage and Communication Boards help reduce misunderstandings by removing language as a barrier. Just let the pictures do the talking.


Dementia Activities

We at vca believe the key to mental and physical well being amongst older people lies in person-centred activities. All the different products we sell have been extensively researched and developed in Care Homes and Day Centres. Our hope is that we can provide unique, innovative products to help bring older people and their carers closer together.